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Here at J-9 Products we are committed to continually develop quality DIY products that solve the simple problem. We encourage people to water responsibly and still achieve a great looking lawn.

Our product comes in packaged Hang Tags, or the other option is each extension set is individually sealed in a clear bog with no Hang Tag. 10 packs only come in individually sealed clear bags.

 We are here to accommodate our customers and if you want different packaging set ups, please feel free to ask.

We provide great customer service, including:

  • Guarantee Quality of Our Product.
  • Timely Product Delivery.
  • RangeMe Verified

We ore customer focused and committed to your success. If you’re interested in learning more about our Wholesale Program, give us a call at 970-361-2932 or fill out our inquiry form below.

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Google Reviewer
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I used the J-9 sprinkler extension today on a sunken sprinkler that was not extending past ground level. The installation took about 5 minutes and the hardest part was clearing out the ground around it. Now the sprinkler pop up past the ground and is actually doing what it is intended to do. Thanks J-9 products!!
Google Reviewer
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Being in the Lawn care industry, I work with sprinklers and irrigation on a regular basis! I constantly have customers that have problems with their pop up heads that have sunk into the ground over the years. I had to always worry about digging up the whole sprinkler and adding extensions. Now with this extension from J-9, I don’t have to worry about digging up the whole sprinkler, which saves me time and my customers money! Great product! If your in the sprinkler repair game, do yourself a favor and buy these!