Frequently Asked Questions for J-9 Sprinkler Extensions

Yes! J-9 Sprinkler Extensions are SUPER EASY to install. Just click here to view illustrated installation guide and videos.

Currently our J9 Sprinkler Extensions are compatible with Rain Bird• Pop-up Sprinklers – any size.
We do have extensions in development that are compatible with Hunter Pop-up Sprinklers, and will be available soon. Please contact J-9 Products for more info or to pre-order sprinkler extensions for Hunter• systems.

For each sunken/buried sprinkler head, measure from the top of the sprinkler to ground level.
You want your sprinkler head flush with the ground so that your lawn mower doesn’t damage it. J9 Sprinkler Extensions are available in 1″, 1.5″, and 2″ risers.

Great news! J9 Sprinkler extensions are stackable! You can combine any of the sizes to achieve the exact height your sprinkler needs to be raised.

Technically, J9 Sprinkler Extensions are sprinkler risers. The difference is that with our system, you don’t have to dig down to the base of the sprinkler to attach. You simply unscrew the sprinkler cap, add the extensions, then reattach to the sprinkler body.

This simple sprinkler repair is usually completed in 5 minutes or less!

If you have brown/dry areas in your lawn, it could mean that the sprinkler for that area has sunk into the ground, and when the sprinkler pops up, it isn’t high enough for your water spray to reach all areas intended.


Saves water, time and money. Get the results you need for the brown patches in your lawn by raising the sprinkler to a taller height in just a matter of minutes.
Buy direct from Inventor and manufacturer!