J9 1″ Sprinkler Extensions – 10-Pack

J9 1″ Sprinkler Extensions – 10-Pack



Raise 10 sunken Rain Bird• Pop-up Sprinklers with No Digging!

This simple extension only has 2 pieces, but it will raise your sprinklers without having to dig them up. We guarantee no leaks! Package also comes with
two washers, one for the coupling and one for the riser.

You’ll just screw the cap off the existing sprinkler body, then screw on the extensions. Instructions are included in package.

J9 Sprinkler Extensions are also “stackable” so that you can raise your sprinkler head exactly the right amount to make it
flush with the ground.

Detailed installation guide and videos on website: J9Products.com

10 Packs Do Not Have a Hang Tag option. 10 Packs only come in individually sealed clear bags.
Then 10 extensions are put into a larger sealed clear bag to complete the packaging.
Instruction card Is Included with each 10 Pack.

Additional information

Weight 10.7 oz
Dimensions 7.2 × 5.5 × 1.5 in